With the proliferation of taxi businesses, it has become quite a challenge for companies to retain their customers. A recent study showed that among the reasons why businesses lose their customers, unresolved complaints and poor company attitude take the top two spots. In fact, these two reasons amount to 82% of the respondents who participated in the survey. These customers have mentioned that most taxi companies are indifferent to their feedback and complaints. Such kind of irresponsible behaviour has irked customers who end up feeling that they aren’t valued enough.

Negligence towards your customers and their demands can become highly detrimental to your business. Here’s how your business can stop losing customers and build brand loyalty.

Follow-up on customer feedback

In the era of social media, the tech-savvy users are quick to share their opinions and experience. Also, most taxi apps provide the review and ratings feature through which customers continue to communicate their views.

Always, always consider customer feedback. As a taxi owner, you must be receptive to customer opinions. Allow your customers to reach out to you and also ensure you provide a timely response. If it’s a negative feedback, try to find out ways to improve your service, whereas, in case of positive reviews, never forget to acknowledge it.

Reward loyal users

Another great way of ensuring customer retention is by rewarding loyal customers. From referral programs, extra discounts for selected customers to recognising recurring passengers, taxi businesses can implement creative ways of showing their appreciation to their customers. These kinds of actions can be a game-changer while improving your customer experience.

Establish service consistency

Maintaining customer experience is a vital part of building brand loyalty. You must ensure that your customers feel the same satisfaction every time they book a taxi with your business. Build a quality protocol to make sure that the services are provided at the highest level, every time. From maintaining proper taxi condition to ensuring good driver behaviour, you must bring consistency throughout your business processes.

Customers can make or break your company. To build a sustained taxi business, create and execute a successful customer engagement strategy and reap long-term benefits.