Owning a taxi business can be attractive and profitable at the same time, it is important to keep an eye on the laws and procedures that govern it. Otherwise, it might lead to fines and penalties. Each city or state has its own rules and regulations for driving taxis and operating the taxi business.

Service Permit

In cities, a vehicle for service permit must be submitted and get approved by the city authority. Usually the city’s Administration and Regulatory services department supervises the taxi business requirements and permits. A completed application form authorized by the public notary found at the city’s government website. After completing the form which is authorized, the applicant brings it to Local Court in that area and the traffic officer will check the forms and collect the fees.

Vehicle permit

The vehicles that are going to service in the taxi company must be presented with the schedule along with the vehicle-for-service application submitted before. Each vehicle is verified and filled in with details like the model, manufacturer name, mileage and ownership details in this form. This is called the vehicle permit.
Transport badge

Picking and dropping off passengers at airports or other public sports require a special security permit. All workers on airport or railway stations including taxi drivers are required to obtain a transport badge. By paying fees for obtaining the transport badge a form is filled up and submitted. Also all background information details and sometimes biometric details may also be included.

The applicant is expected to complete the insurance formality also with the transport office. This is an Insurance Policy form available at the transport office or the Regulatory Services Department where each vehicle is inspected and must possess a registration certificate or the relevant certificate in that particular state or city. Here points like air-conditioning, specific color, lights are verified in all vehicles.
Medical Examination

Each taxi driver is expected to complete their medical examination procedure with a form filled by an authorized medical physician and conduct certificate if needed. The references are available in the respective website or office of the Regulatory Authority Office. Details like if the driver has serious or chronic ailments such as heart disease, epilepsy or other serious conditions. And a overall medical checkup is performed by the medical physician. If any influence of alcohol or drugs is verified and the reliability of the driver is verified.