TaxiMobility is an esteemed taxi-dispatching software designed specifically for the taxi businesses to disrupt the industry with seamless taxi services. As a white-labeled, SaaS-based taxi management solution, it is to automate and simplify the dispatch process and is a one-of-a-kind taxi dispatch software that is compatible with Android and iPhone platforms and offers an end-to-end taxi booking and dispatching solutions supported by cutting-edge technologies. The impeccable features of TaxiMobility are intended to transform the digital dispatch system.

The rapid development of the taxi industry has increased the technological requirements and fastened the upgradation of older versions. Based on the recent trends in the market and requirements opted by taxi businesses and their users, TaxiMobility has often been put under the upgradation of newer versions to meet the expectations of the taxi business operators.

On October 13, 2017, TaxiMobility has launched its Version 8.0 with the following updates:

1. Enhanced User Interface design – Highly responsive and intuitive
2. Live tracking with vehicle movements – Fleet tracking based on the status update
3. Heat map – Region-wise representation of fleet availability and areas with highest booking rate in Map
4. Updated commission process – Deduction of Admin commission automatically from driver recharge amount in the driver wallet
5. Upgraded driver credits – If the driver recharge amount in the wallet goes below the minimum amount, the particular driver cannot accept passenger requests until recharged
6. Expense management – Various categories can be created in the back end to manage and segregate expenses as Rent, Salary, and so forth.
7. Marketing Campaign – Promotional emails/SMS can be sent to existing users as well as to new users unlike the previous version in which campaign-based notifications that can be sent to new users were not included
8. Dispatcher log system – In addition to the driver and passenger activities, Dispatcher is also added to the log system to view all dispatcher activities
9. Bulk import – Bulk data can be imported directly from any supported file
10. Flexibility to select between auto and manual dispatch as per requirements

The technology has revolutionised the traditional ordeals of taxi-hailing by introducing user-friendly applications. As a technological disruptor of the taxi industry, TaxiMobility will always be upgraded to the market standard. More is on its way; stay tuned!