As social distancing is the need of the hour, micromobility is witnessing a massive surge in opportunities after the COVID-19 pandemic. National authorities are altering their regulations in order to accommodate more dockless scooters and E-bikes in their mobility ecosystem.  In fact, the UK government has approved the use of E-scooters in various locations, including Portsmouth, Southampton, Derby, Nottingham, West Midlands and more as an initiative to go green and encourage physical distancing synchronously.

Given the scenario, now is the right time to launch your scooter rental business in the UK and attract more customers your way. Take a look at the key strategies to grow your mobility business and make more money in a short span of time.

Build an app

Manual rental booking practices are out of trend and customers are switching to digital alternatives in every step of the way especially after the pandemic. Given the scenario, it is not a choice but a necessity to build a digital platform for your business. This way, you can allow your customers to book scooter rentals online in just a few clicks.

Additionally, you can easily streamline your business operations and track your vehicles in real-time with a digital solution for your scooter rental business.

Market your business

Targeted marketing is the key to promoting your business among your potential customers. Use effective SEO strategies to improve the search engine rankings of your business and boost its online visibility. Take to social media platforms to publicize your business, engage more users and convert them into your business customers.

Additionally, the push notification feature and customer referral program of the digital solution help you to entice your existing customers to come back to you for a second time while recommending their friends to avail your scooter rental services.

Adhere to safety measures

Safety is the top priority of your customers in the post-COVID-19 era. Make sure your vehicles are disinfected regularly and are maintained well to meet the safety standards. By ensuring maximum safety for your customers, you earn your customers’ confidence, thereby prompting them to choose you over your competitors every time they want to avail scooter rental services.

Offer contactless payment options

Traditional payment practices are obsolete and also require customers to come in physical contact with the service provider. On the contrary, a digital solution for your scooter rental business helps you to offer multiple payment options for your customers, thereby encouraging them to make their payment via selected online channels.

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