Obviously, the first and foremost step to improve app retention is to build/buy an app that sells. Your users will not hesitate to abandon your app if it does not function properly. Besides, you also have to engage them through the app store listing even before they download your app from the respective app store. However, it involves a lot more to improve app engagement after the app is downloaded.

Even if you have the world’s best app in place, you need to follow a lot of tactics in order to boost app engagement and increase retention rate. Following are a few methods through which you can improve the app engagement, thereby retaining customers:

1. Make Onboarding Easy

Before increasing the retention rate, you need to control the app abandonment rate. If the users find the app difficult to use, then, they will not prefer to use it further. The user experience must be improved as a way to engage them fully and increase the retention rate. So, it is important for the service providers to make the application simple and user-friendly. While using an app for your on-demand taxi service, you have to:

  • Simplify the sign-up process (let them sign-up in a few taps);
  • Guide users through animated images (don’t add too much description that may not interest them); and
  • Have only easy-to-use features (no complex features).

2. Send Push Notifications

Push notifications serve an essential function and can help you engage your customers appropriately with which you can send targeted messages and notify your app users with new features and offers. In such a way, you can capture the user’s attention.

3. Personalize Elements

Personalization is one of the key aspects of a compelling mobile application. When you send a personalized message (maybe with the user’s name), the response will be much better. Therefore, the content you send must be customized with tailored insights that can deliver real value to the users. However, you have to be cautious while sending such personalized content that should not be irrelevant or repetitive to the audience, which may annoy them.

4. Incentivize Users with Offers

Incentives are the motivating factors that will prompt the users to use your app and drive conversion. It is also the best way to engage your customers in a productive way and let them consider your service when they are looking for the one like yours. Here are a few offers you may take up to engage your audience:

  • Usage-based rewards
  • Reward points
  • Coupon code
  • Time-sensitive discounts

5. Effectuate Communication

Lack of communication between the service providers and the users ends up in a failure of the app. So, encourage communication and make it a two-way to understand their needs in specific. You can ask for their feedback whenever they use your service. Their valuable feedback will enable you to improve your service quality and deliver the one that they expect as it paves the way to understand their needs directly.

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