If you see your taxi business as just another taxi company, you will not be able to make money and be successful. If you try to compete with others then you can be a little successful but if you want to be more than that you have to stop being one of them. Getting referrals can improve your clients total, but still this is an area where many people do not exploit.

Satisfied customers will surely refer to their circles and acquaintances.

And improve such leads by offering enticing deals and offers which will in turn churn out customers to use your rewards. Developing a loyal connection and by using your regular service will bring out better options for creating referrals to your side. Reports states that a normal individual has around fifty people in their network denoting the fact that each customer using a taxi service has the capacity to attract fifty other prospective clients. Therefore, on an average a taxi serving a person will get a referral or the chances of getting a referral is more than a hundred.

Moreover, people who are loyal will be so if you offer them lower prices. Because there is always competitors to offer low price than you. There are different types of customers. To broadly classify them :

1. Rich customers
2. Business travellers
3. Train and local riders
4. Senior citizens and students

Make a thanks note after you receive a referral or offer them a discount or free service once they do that. This way you earn the gratitude of the customers. If you have proper network of drivers, engage them to tell about your service to regular riders. Digital innovation is an attractive strategy where you can use mobile apps or websites to cash in on the internet users.

Reliability and convenience in supporting trip reservations is the key. Enable booking by creating easier avenues on pick-up and drop details attached with secured payment methods. Through online help links, show the tourist packages that would attract visitors to your website. There are also other types of attracting customers that is, by way of newspapers, invitation cards, placards etc.

The image of a taxi driver must be pleasant. Give promotional messages on your receipt after your customer have checked out.
To enhance all your marketing strategies, you must keep up the good rapport that you are maintaining with your clients. Appreciate the referrals you receive from them by rewarding them at the right time.
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