The IoT technology has revolutionized several industries in today’s business world including courier dispatch. The courier delivery software embodies many advanced features that help the courier industry stay ahead in its courier delivery services. Using courier dispatch software, the courier service providers can reach their targeted audience at the right time and keep a step ahead of their competitors. In addition, the customers can get prompt and instant updates on their packages delivery.

Key Features

User-Friendly interface

The business operations are made simpler in the on-demand delivery software with user-friendly interface enhancing all the features of the delivery business. The courier dispatch operations can be easily performed through few taps on the courier app.

Doorway pickup and delivery

The feature allows the user to place the request for doorway pickup/delivery based on their needs. Also, a unique identification code is provided while placing the request in order to track the item delivery process. The scheduled pickup and delivery is also done based on the request placed by the customer.

Real-time GPS tracking system

The customer can easily track the order delivery process and check the delivery status using the associated unique identification code provided during the time of order placement.

Easy payment method

The courier software provides convenient payment options which enable customers to do credit card or cash payment once the parcel is delivered successfully. Also, the e-receipt is sent to the customer’s email once the delivery process is completed.

On-time delivery and customer feedback

The application plays a major role in delivering the parcel on time by providing enhanced features. The customers can rate the service provided by the courier company and share their feedback on the social networking sites which helps in improving the business.

Courier Industry Trends in 2017

Delivery service via own brand

The courier companies can have their own courier dispatching software in order to provide faster and reliable service to their customers instead of depending on other courier partners, which will help in improving their customer delivery services.

Instant delivery

The instant delivery of goods at the doorway is highly encouraged and the retailers are turning out to be progressively mindful of the advantages of offering such service. Thereby, the courier industry must be able to balance this quick administration in order to provide valid customer service.