Car rental is one of the first segments gaining momentum after the slump faced by the transportation industry following the COVID-19 outbreak. As we are still in the recovery phase, there is a decreased availability of public transit. Besides, the uncertain safety standards of public transport service compel commuters to go for alternatives.

The tourist community, in particular,  has started opting for rental vehicles to take long trips without compromising on personal safety. In fact, UK’s vehicle rental trade body the BVRLA recently reported an increase in the number of leisure customers, who represent about 43 per cent of those hiring cars in the UK every year.

So, now is the time for you to upgrade your car rental business to gain more new opportunities and improve your profit margin. Here is how TaxiMobility can help you to simplify your business operations, attract more customers and thereby witness business growth in a short span of time.

Powerful dispatch module

With TaxiMobility, you can always be a few clicks away from your potential customers. Unlike the conventional rental booking setup, TaxiMobility allows customers to confirm booking with scanned documents and digital signature.

Besides, you can easily streamline incoming reservations and make on-time vehicle dispatch based on customer requirements.

Live tracking

Being a GPS-powered digital solution, TaxiMobility allows users to track vehicles down to their real-time locations. Once the booking is confirmed, the customer can track the assigned vehicle at any given point of time. This way, you can keep your customers informed which, in turn, results in better customer experience.

On the other hand, the digital solution allows service providers to track multiple vehicles conveniently thereby ensuring maximum fleet safety.

Fare management

Efficient fare management is an integral part of any business. TaxiMobility offers different ride packages and allows you to calculate ride fares based on various criteria including the time taken, the distance travelled and more. This way, you can eliminate paperwork and curtail manpower thereby reducing overhead costs for your car rental business.

Multiple payment options

Given the need for social distancing at the moment, customers prefer contactless payments. TaxiMobility generates e-receipts on trip completion for the customer to view from the passenger app. Once the invoice is generated, they can make their trip fare payments online using one of the selected digital payment gateways.

The feature helps you to gain your customers’ trust by providing them with maximum billing transparency. Also, the zero-contact payments curb the transition of infections as the customer need not make physical contact with the chauffeur or the business operator.

Promo codes

Attractive discounts can entice your target audience to choose you over your competitors. With TaxiMobility, you can offer promo codes for your customers to avail discounted trips. This can prompt them to come back to you for more trips in the future which, in turn, strengthens your relationship with them.

Rating and review

Customer feedback can help you to identify the upsides and downsides of your car rental service. The rating and review feature of the digital solution encourages your customers to rate each rental experience. By gaining transparency into the firsthand customer experience, you can rectify the flaws and keep up the positive side which ultimately improves your service quality.

Advanced analytics

Monitoring business operations using manual methods can be inaccurate and inefficient. On the contrary, TaxiMobility generates data-backed analytical reports for the service providers to track business performance conveniently, take control of everyday operations and make smart decisions that bolster business growth in the long run.

Ready to take your car rental business to the next level with a customized digital solution? Get in touch with TaxiMobility today.