Despite the increasing need for private transit, driver ride cancellation is considered as one of the major issues that hinder the growth of the ride-hailing segment. In fact, 36% of passengers in India claim driver cancellation to be the biggest drawback in booking on-demand taxis. Besides causing inconvenience for customers, it affects the overall business productivity for taxi owners which, in turn, cuts short the cash flow into their businesses.

Considering the above consequences of ride cancellation by drivers, it is high time for taxi owners to take a closer look at it and find out ways to curtail the same and eventually increase profitability.

Why drivers cancel rides

Uncertainty is the key reason behind taxi drivers declining ride requests that come their way. Taxi drivers need to get access to job particulars such as pickup and drop zones, passengers’ contact information, cost per ride and much more. But then, the traditional ride-hailing setup is plagued by manual inefficiencies which makes it difficult to provide drivers with reliable information for accepting rides.

Ride-hailing apps are the one-on-one solution to minimize driver cancellation rates thereby ensuring seamless ride experience for passengers. Read on to know more about how a ride-hailing app like TaxiMobility helps in curtailing driver cancellation rates and turns opportunities into customers.

How TaxiMobility minimizes cancellation rates

With a comprehensive ride-hailing suite like TaxiMobility, you can solve the problem of providing ride information to your drivers. All the ride requests that drivers receive on the mobile app automatically appear with complete ride information. From the pickup and drop-off location, the number of passengers, ride fare to any special requests, the drivers can view all the details before they accept or decline rides. This way, you can ensure complete transparency and persuade drivers to accept rides.

Additionally, TaxiMobility makes use of the driver-passenger algorithm to match the customer with the nearest driver to avoid ride cancellation by the driver.

A ride-hailing app can help in bringing down the driver ride cancellation rate and fetch more revenue for both taxi owners and their driver-partners. Ready to adopt a white-label taxi app for your business? Talk to our experts today.