Smart phone apps are seen as a huge rescue for a number of commuters and riders all over the world giving them the much needed service of hailing a cab through a mobile device. You can also watch the mobile your car coming on your way to pick up using the GPS facility.

Not only this, if you do not have cash, don’t worry! Your app will pay the bill using your credit card details. What more a person will need to catch a taxi?
Imagine the difference it has made from a traditional way of picking a taxi where you had to wait on roadside and hail your hands to catch a taxi, not sure if they really will stop or not? So, smartphone apps are leading you the future technology and a new world altogether. There are ride-sharing apps and some others are building their own taxi apps.
In US, there are many popular companies that has built apps such as Uber, Lyft, SideCar all have their own taxi apps. A commuter can check on the map in the Uber app for a nearby cab. Once they select the cab, the driver is alerted about the user’s location through GPS. Here, it has skipped also the regular dispatch model of taxi operating companies where you need to know the location of the rider through the phone call.
The advantage in booking over a taxi app and a traditional phone booking is that the driver can track the exact location of the rider whereas in phone booking they would know the location or address only. Now, they are upgrading to GPS too after looking at the competition among taxi apps rising higher. Previously, when it took nearly around 10 – 15 minutes of waiting for a cab even if there were lots of cabs, booking over an app brings you the service just over a minute.
While we have talked about the advantages and the comfort that taxi apps have given us, there is a rear side to it, that is, the security and safety concerns. After hearing a lot of safety issues faced all over the world, taxi drivers are expected to take a rigorous screening test and background verifications and equipped with proper licenses.But this alone is not going to stop the revolution that is taking place in the app era.