A decade ago, If you check out the restaurant at 12 am, then it is a nightmare of hailing a local cab to reach the home at right time. It was only luck of hiring an empty taxi in busy cities as well as the customer need to wave their hands for gaining driver’s attentions.

But today, the entire taxi industry has undergone a drastic change and taxi hailing made easy through smartphone apps. There are several taxi applications like Uber competes with old industry which made a structural change on cab dispatching too.
The mobile application allows passengers to book a taxicab directly by tapping away with cabbies rather making a call to dispatcher. This is unlike the traditional cab booking system, which brings taxi owners and passengers to the next level of taxi booking. The passenger can request a taxi by selecting “Request Taxi” button. On the cabbie’s end, they will have button to accept or reject the trip. Both the driver and passenger can see the real time location via the integrated GPS system . The passenger could see estimated arrival time as well driver’s profile and estimated travel fare.
The passenger will receive the notification once the driver reached pick up location and passenger has no need of disclose destination until driver arrives. Typically, customers are wasting bunch of time by waiting for cabs, but taxi app reduces waiting time and effort of taxi booking. This new technology flooding of the market and it has created enough competition among traditional taxi companies.