Despite the lockdown that followed the COVID-19 pandemic, ride-hailing companies are functioning to cater to the inevitable transit and delivery requirements of the community. Taxi drivers play a vital role here because it is they who go the extra mile to execute the jobs manifested. Given the scenario, you have to take every possible measure to help your drivers to keep away from infections while they are out there serving the community.

Here are a few quick tips to keep your workforce safe during the COVID-19 attack.

Physical distancing

As the profession demands your drivers to come in contact with the community, they should be at least 1.5 meters away from the people they meet. Instruct your resources to avoid shaking hands with your customers and greet them with a smile instead. Additionally, you can insist your drivers on encouraging passengers to take the back seat so that the two of them are at a safe distance from each other.

Driver hygiene

Inculcate the habit of using hand sanitizers among your drivers because their hands constantly get in touch with external objects, especially when they are on duty. Also, advise them to wash their hands with soap whenever possible and use face masks to avoid contagion and restrain their hands from touching their faces.

Disinfect vehicles

Clean and disinfect your vehicle after every shift, especially when the pickup or drop-off location is a hospital. Use alcohol-based wipes to clean every point of contact including door handles and knobs, seats, seat belts, glasses and window panes from time to time and dispose the used wipes carefully into a closed bin.

Educate passengers

Keeping your passengers informed about the ill effects and preventive measures of COVID-19 is the greatest good you can do to your passengers and drivers right now. Display signage and guidelines in your vehicles for the passengers to read. Encourage them to use hand sanitizers when they step in or out of your vehicles.

Contactless payments

Avoid accepting cash as it leads your drivers to come in physical contact with your customers. Instead, prompt them to pay their ride fares through online channels. This can be easily implemented by using a digital solution that generates invoices after trip completion and prompts faster and safer virtual payments.

Ensure workplace health while being socially responsible and serving the community. The uncertain time shall pass and transportation businesses will have a successful comeback soon.