When Uber first launched in 2009, it was the only app-based taxi company that provided luxury car service in San Francisco. Recently, the tech world has emerged with different types of mobile application ideas that can probably magnify the transportation business. If you are presuming to build an app like uber for your own business but have no idea how much it costs? This blog would help to know more about the mobile apps like uber. Before considering the cost for development, take a look at the features.

Key features of mobile taxi application

After Uber’s successful expansion, many taxi businesses around the world have adapted the on-demand mobile applications for taxi dispatch.

Passenger Application

1. Individual login: By using the passenger application, the customer can log in with the mobile number or Facebook account. For online payment processing, portals like Braintree or Paypal may be used.

2. Easy navigation: The passengers can track the ongoing journey using the inbuilt Google navigation feature.

3. Selecting cab type: Passenger can choose the type of vehicle they prefer to ride in along with choices for each ride incorporating price per km, price per minute and minimal fare for each type of car.

4. Fare calculator: A fare calculator feature can define the cost by pick-up & drop locations.

5. Real-time tracking: Once a ride is booked, the customer can track the arrival of the driver from the start to the end.

6. Online Payment: The customers can add one or more credit card details and can make any 1 card as the default for payments.

7. Ratings: Passengers are given the option to write a feedback on the experience of the rides they undertake.

8. Booking history: Can view the complete ride details.

Driver Application

1. Individual login: Drivers get individual login credentials from the dispatcher.

2. Trip Request: Drivers can accept or reject the passenger’s trip request in 30 seconds.

3. Arrival Notification: Driver can notify his arrival at passenger pick-up point.

4. Trip history: Drivers have access to view the past trip details & earnings.

5. Navigation: Drivers can navigate the route to drop location with the inbuilt Google Map feature.

Why should taxi business have an app like uber ?

The taxi industry has evolved with a lot of technological advancements. The taxi company or aggregator can enhance their business opportunity by supporting their drivers as well as satisfying the passenger needs. So every taxi business should take a closer look at such competitive advantages.

The cost involved in developing an app like uber depends on the scale and complexity of the requirement. Before you start estimating the cost of app development, remember that there are actually two mobile applications, which be anywhere between $20k to $40k and also additional charges will be applicable for customization.
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