In this emerging world every people wants to get hassle free and safe taxi ride but fast growing app based taxi services caught in some security threats.  However mobile app based cab services still getting positive feedback from their customers because of user friendly as well it reduces time and cost obviously.

There are plenty of reasons the cabbies and passenger would prefer app based taxi bookings. Here is how app based taxi services become safer for rides.
Continual Tracking

The taxi arrival can be tracked which means the driver is in under watching by someone in taxi company as well the passenger also can track their driver through out integrated map system. The passenger do not wants to provide destination to driver, only they can tell after get into taxi. So that cab driver cannot refuse to ride for some particular destination. Taxi fare will be calculated by mobile app for distance traveled so passenger can weed out haggle issues.


Give Taxi Firms Time

There might be some problem with cab companies, Government should give time to eliminate their errors and issues on driver’s back ground check. Banning taxi companies will not be an ultimate solution for security threats, if so many people will get affected who booking taxis through this application. This new technology allows both drivers and passengers can manage their rides in single tap.


Driver Verification

Taxi applications has feedback or driver rating options, so cab company should review feedback and take necessary action based on driver ratings. Despite technology allows to track, cab companies need to authenticate by verifying driver with appropriate document.  Even though some cabbies might provide wrong details, in this case respective cab companies should iron out those drivers.