In a highly controlled and dominating environment like taxi app business where companies like Uber, OlaCabs, GrabCar etc, are backed by huge funding and planned strategic management using mobiles.

While that is the market status, anyone can step up the pedestal breaking in parallel with the big companies if you have a convincing app developed in terms of powerful features and the necessary system that is required to attract the consumers.
Emphasize Features

This is what Taxi mobility tries to achieve with modesty – an auto dispatch system that will find and locate the nearest cab driver, interactive mapping facility that will determine the ETA and distance of the cab, well-organized booking system, 100% source code for customization and a free install.
Highlight pricing

Discuss the pricing terms clearly to the taxi company such as the single license facility, one-time payment methods, number of orders, dispatchers, driver app and passenger app, server access, source code and whole lots of features easy and convenient for the taxi company.
Comfortable application

The application that a taxi company uses must be as easy as buying an anti-virus system for the computer. It must easily educate the buyer of the app with simple and effortless steps to understand and perform tasks on it. Most of the apps do not reach the user simply because of this miscommunication.
Technology and Security

The prospects of using the technology such as managing fares, routes, auto-filling addresses and the maintaining statistics are galore when using the taxi app. This is helpful for both the driver as well as the passenger. What it eradicates at the very outset is the lethargy and double-dealing that led to losses when scheduling or cancelling a service. Here it is possible to cancel or reschedule and create a booking in less than 60 seconds.

There is direct observation on taxi movements, fraudulent fare charges and 24/7 technical support.