While Uber rapidly launches its service across many cities in the world, Yellow Cabs are still alive, and the drivers of Yellow Cabs get about twice the number of daily trips that an Uber driver does. Uber drivers are getting more number of trips than the traditional taxis, which means Uber drivers are performing twice than the other taxi drivers. However, surprisingly Yellow Cabs are still a big rivalry to on-demand taxi services like Uber and Lyft in New York City (NYC).
NYC is the home of traditional Yellow taxis where people can get quick and affordable taxi rides. These days, riding in Yellow Cabs becomes a gloomy experience, and people are fed up with the irregular and messy rides. This is one of the big reasons behind the passengers’ migration to on-demand taxi services that promised reliable rides, friendly drivers and seamless payment options to make the customers more convenient. Uber has something called surge pricing, which is pretty higher than the other taxis; the traditional taxi businesses are trying to beat their rivals by rolling out their own white-label taxi app.
Yellow Cabs are challenging the competition among the on-demand taxi services like Uber and Lyft by placing huge bets on these ride-sharing services. Verifone is one of the comprehensive payment solution providers in world help establishing a new technology in tens of thousands of taxis across the world to enhance the taxi-riding experience not only for the passengers but also for the cab drivers. Verifone has developed two major applications called Curb and Way2Ride. But the achievements of these on-demand applications compared with their well-known, more extensively used competitors are difficult to quantify.
When the cost is certainly a major concern while taking a taxi ride, in NYC, you can get affordable taxi service by hailing Yellow Cabs during peak hours or even during when Uber’s surge pricing is in place. On-demand taxi companies like Uber have already raised the expectation towards their potential customers. To survive and stay competitive with the competitors, Yellow Cabs will need to rise to the challenge.