We all know how important the taxi management software is for taxi business. However, such a trend-setting technological innovation can be more effective when it sticks to the evolving environment and holds features that really work for the intended purposes. The advent of taxi booking and dispatching applications has opened the floodgate for many service providers to evolve in the most competitive atmosphere. When there is a drastic shift in the customer requirements, the taxi business operators have got the only option to rely on to satisfy their passengers’ need and expectations. Taxi app development involves a lot of intricacies to make passengers and drivers engage on an interactive platform and stay connected for a frictionless service.

As defined by the industry forerunners, a typical taxi management software should have separate mobile or web applications for passenger, driver, dispatcher, and admin. So that, passengers can book their cab from their application, and the same can be notified to the driver via driver app. By means of the dispatcher app, the dispatchers can assign cabs and drivers, and dispatch vehicles for bookings. Likewise, the admin or the business owner can stay on track of all the processes in real time. Here, I have listed a few key features that each app should have for the improved performance.

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Passenger Application

Passengers should login with their personal information for more personalized service. Besides, the application should have the following features that are the more essential things of a taxi booking app such as booking option with tracking and fare estimation facility; ride-sharing and split fare features; payment gateway for online payments; feedback and referral options; package plans besides normal booking; and SOS button.

Driver Application

Drivers should also register themselves with the company and get login credentials to proceed further. Drivers’ personal information is important for the authentication purpose that will help you cultivate credibility with the passengers. The app for drivers must be a simplified and easy-to-use one to enable poorly educated drivers to understand the usability of the technology. There are a few more detailed below that have to be implemented into the application to simplify drivers’ tasks.

1. In-app notifications on new bookings
2. GPS-enabled tracking system to find locations easily
3. Options for street-pickup
4. Heatmap access
5. Daily expedition reports
6. Rating, referral, wallet system
7. Emergency button

Dispatcher Panel

The dispatcher should have the options to track vehicles, bookings, and drivers in real time to dispatch vehicles seamlessly. Similarly, they should have an all-inclusive platform to manage processes single-handedly. It should also support the dispatchers in live tracking, getting real-time business updates, assigning vehicles and drivers, managing payments and bookings, and viewing heatmaps for fleet availability and highest booking rate.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is for the business operators to track the entire process of their taxi business and stay of tracking of all business-related proceedings. The platform should be a single window to view and access all the business data and relevant activities with detailed reports to get better insights to attain exceptional growth.

In the current scenario, the taxi businesses are using taxi technology not only to receive and accept ride requests but also to provide an improved user experience and convenience to the customers to get more business. Therefore, it would be good to consider the above-mentioned things while adhering to a taxi technology for your on-demand taxi business.

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