With the advent of taxi hailing apps, the taxi and transportation industry has gotten a major uplift. Users can now book their cab, view driver information and check the total ride fare, all with a single touch of the button. With such ease and convenience at their disposal, customers have quite comfortably caught up to this trend, paving the way for major players in the market like Uber, Lyft, Hailo and Ola.

There’s no doubt that there are massive perks for the users, but what about the taxi drivers? What benefits do they derive from using a cab booking app? Let’s find out.

More opportunities

A taxi booking process through an application works something like this: usually, a user books a taxi and the app showcases the nearby drivers. If the particular driver is available for the ride, he/she can accept the request. The passenger receives the confirmation, boards the cab and upon reaching the destination, he/she makes the payment using the various available payment channels.

By adopting a cab booking app for their business, taxi drivers no longer need to drive around the area searching for passengers as the app does the job for them. With little time wasted, taxi drivers can get more rides and in turn, increase their revenue.

GPS feature

One of the biggest advantages of using a cab booking app is the exciting features that come with it. Satellite navigation and GPS feature allow taxi drivers to locate their customers and get directions to the drop location. Google maps integration also helps taxi drivers to find the best routes and avoid heavy traffic areas.

The GPS feature provides safety for taxi companies who would like to monitor their fleet and driver activity.

Faster service and better convenience

Taxi hailing apps allow drivers to provide quick service to their customers. The passengers no longer need to put all their efforts in hailing a taxi. And with the location details and efficient route planning, the taxi drivers can provide faster service. They can also offer their customers better convenience with multiple payment options.

An efficient taxi software can empower your transportation business with dispatch process management, fleet monitoring and more. TaxiMobility is one such leading taxi dispatch software that aims to bridge the gap between taxi companies and customers with one-of-a-kind taxi management and dispatch solution.