Over a few years, bike-taxis are gaining momentum by solving the last-mile connectivity problem of the commuters. After COVID-19, the global pandemic which has restricted people’s movement and their use of public transit, bike-taxis can be the best mobility option. Here is how bike-taxis can benefit transport-based businesses and their potential customers.

Delivery services

Now that there is a dip in opportunities for ride-hailing, TNC companies are directing their workforce into delivery services to cater to the day-to-day needs of the community while creating fresh pipelines for revenue generation. Bike-taxis are ideal for delivery purposes and the ones operating through a digital platform have greater visibility and gain more business prospects than the traditional players in the industry. In-fact, Rapido, an app-based Indian bike-taxi service provider has launched its delivery service in cities like Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad to boost revenue amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

One-to-one commute

The current situation demands social distancing and minimal physical contact to curb the spread of COVID-19. When it comes to bike-taxis, the points of contact are comparatively less than public transport or other ride-hailing services including taxis and carpooling. Besides, it is always one-to-one transit when it comes to bike-taxis and it is unlikely for the transmission of infection as the driver and the passenger do not face each other during the ride.

Employment opportunities

As transportation-based businesses heavily rely upon micromobility at the moment, the expansion of bike-taxi services can open doors for numerous employment opportunities and play a vital role in achieving economic stability as a whole and for the transportation sector in particular.

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