Geolocation is an automated process for finding the geographical location of the device, thereby finding users. It serves a greater purpose when it comes to on-demand services such as taxi/transportation business, delivery service, and so on. On-demand taxi business is the best example that uses geolocation the most without which the current-day taxi industry is not possible. The reason behind the success of taxi application lies in its ability to track locations precisely that is what made ride-hailing easy. The location-based service is the key to the taxi business in this technology-driven market.

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The traditional way of dispatching would be difficult for drivers to find customer locations and their destination. After the implementation of the GPS-enabled tracking system into the industry, such trivialities are eliminated and simplified to make trips possible for any remote place. The taxi-booking app without location tracking system would be of no use. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say taxi business is revolving around this particular feature. Being in the era of smartphones, everyone has location feature in their Android or iOS phones as it would be required when they are using the taxi booking or dispatching applications to track the location of drivers and let drivers know their places. Therefore, the role of geolocation in the taxi industry is incomparable.

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The GPS-enabled taxi application will allow taxi passengers to exhibit their exact location to the drivers by turning on location in their smartphones. It also helps drivers to locate the pick-up and drop points easily. This feature also enables them to track their drivers and vehicles when they are on their way to trip, thereby understanding when they will receive the cabs.Likewise, it is also used in finding the cab nearer to the location from where the request has been sent. Above all, the geolocation is a must-have feature for the taxi business as it can be used to find the whereabouts of the victim in case of any emergency situation. The relatives or rescuers can take immediate action to save who are in need or danger.

Typically, the geolocation will be the core to dispatch the on-demand services faster. This feature would be a boon for the business operators who basically deal with location dependent services. They can improve the user experience (such as tracking, navigating, and finding places) by providing location-based deliveries/dispatches In order to provide a personalized and door-step service to the customers, the service providers have to rely solely on a taxi software that is integrated with this feature. Then only, it is possible for them to deliver a seamless service with the utmost convenience.

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