Your maintenance of your taxi becomes important in a situation where your livelihood is solely dependent on it. Because you not only own the car but also its your profession.
Maintain your garage

Ensure that you use a proper garage instead of just parking your vehicle on the roadside just because you’ve completed a tiring day. Park your car in a secure place like garage which is safe from theft. It also helps to keep the car cleaner,dust-free and other scuffing.
Safeguard your interiors

Always ensure the interior of your car is safeguarded from spilling caused by messy passengers. Wash your seat covers regularly. Replace the seat covers also at regular intervals if it gets older or torn off out of wear and tear. It’s not expensive if you consider the looks and passengers are attracted to fresh seatings.
Get your car a cover

Anything might happen anytime for your car. Therefore, you’ll need a coverage policy like replacement cover or breakdown coverage that will safeguard your career as a whole. There are many policy available in the market.
Drive safely

When you drive safely without racing others or overtaking speedily, your car also spoils and safety levels are lower. Especially the conditions of the roads like rough terrains, speed bumps etc. mean that replacing a lot of spares or car itself. So, perform regular checks on your vehicle.