If you are being a taxi driver, you would probably consider different aspects which includes fuel consumption, price, boot space, terrain etc. When you are looking to buy a car for taxi business, Skoda is one of the popular make because of its reliability and running cost are important factors that influences cabbies to have a look on it. There are few other things you should bear in mind.

Aspects to be considered while buying a taxi

Five Door:

The cars used for taxis should have five doors because passengers needs to get in and out of the car without any difficulty. Cars with high step to the seat is not an ideal option for passengers as well as they don’t want to climb over the seats.

Space for passengers:

Find a car with sufficient foot space because passengers would like to place their legs comfortably. It will be a horrible journey if they don’t have a space to keep their legs down and they wont choose you again.

Boot space:

Make sure that the car is having more boot space, because passengers often hail a taxi with luggage, shopping, wheelchairs etc. Especially passengers from airport or railway station will prefer a car which has separate space to keep their luggage. Also you should stow some essential kits like fire extinguisher & first aid kids.

Fuel efficiency:

Fuel efficient is vital factor while choosing a car for public transportation. You don’t want to fill your fuel tank twice a day. So you must opt for a taxi which delivers high fuel efficiency which helps to reduce the tax cost for emission.

Less maintenance:

Typically, user cars for taxi business is good choice however, it will not be a reliable a like a new one. Maintenance cost should not erase the savings made on buying the car. Buying an used car in good condition is of a great choice.