If you are wondering how to start a taxi business, the first key essential is to promote your business in the local market. Taxis are the most viable transportation mode across the world; the business would compete with giants like Uber & lyft. If your business is expected to be successful and to stay competitive, you need to learn how to market your service to potential customers. Here are five working marketing strategies to stay away from rival companies.

Fleet Branding

Fleet is one of the most visible parts to your customer when it comes to transportation business. A branded taxi can get the attention from thousands of customers whether it’s moving anywhere on the road or parked in front of the shops. A taxi with wrapped brand name has more impact than other online and offline marketing techniques.

Get into Online Marketing

Online marketing is one of the powerful techniques where you can visually promote and interact with your audience. Popular social media like Facebook and Twitter are the apt way to communicate with your audience since most of your customers would already be users of these. Google helps you to get the number of customers through search. When you have the plan to set up digital campaigns, you need to know your niche and target market.

Mobile Apps For Customers

Mobile application lets Uber and lyft to conquer the market better than traditional taxi services. Creating mobile apps for taxi business can drastically increase the customer base by making taxi booking and tracking easy. Mobile apps allow your customers to book, track and pay online in few clicks. Wallet, promo codes and discounts are the best hacks for promoting the brand through mobile application.

Create Flyers & Hand Them Out

Create valuable flyers with printed discounts or promo codes and pass them out where you provide the service. It will work effectively and the social proof is important when you connect them through online.

Collect Feedback About Your Driver

If you think customer engagement and customer retention really matters, get in touch with your customer and listen about the last ride and driver feedback. This will really help you to create trust among the customers.
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