In delivery business, speedy dispatch is an essential part of the service to stay competitive. The customer who has been let down doesn’t know the barriers in delivering the parcel at the right time with lots of hassles. An efficient courier software will help you to track all your order & shipment details through the admin panel which can spot the problem before it happens.

The on-demand software helps courier services to keep track of all their order & dispatch details easily, so the dispatcher can identify the problem before they occur. Courier software allows riders to dispatch the shipment at the right place with the help of mobile phone app and the customer can make a payment through online. Both the riders & customers no longer have to deal with the paperwork which makes delivery of shipments faster than ever. All data will be stored in the database and it can be retrieved for later reference.

Internal communication made easy

A powerful courier dispatch suit lets you keep an eye on real-time company data which means the application can allow you to track all the shipments as well as employees. With this feature, you and your company can communicate each other without hassle. This also enables you to view precise and relevant data whenever it required.

Push notification & messaging feature lets you connect with your employees & customers through the mobile application. Push notification can be sent automatically to both riders once the order has been placed by the customer. The admin & dispatcher can able to generate reports automatically by accessing data stored in the database. Automated booking options & online payments are the comprehensive features in efficient courier software.