Can you imagine a day without your smartphone? When it comes to taxi booking, it has a greater role to play. Booking taxi over the phone call and waving hands on roads for cab do not work anymore in this smart and digitized world.

Taxi business who rely on a traditional way of booking cab cannot withstand in the field as there are a lot more happening across the industry. Taxi business is not possible without taxi booking app as it provides support to the business operators and convenience to the customers and drivers. Besides booking, such applications serve other purposes too with seamless features that are simply disrupting the industry. Even though it was built for passengers to get benefited, the ride-hailing app acts as a medium for business operators to receive business and let their customers reach the service with little effort.

For the taxi users, it would be the utmost convenience as taxi app relieves the tension of making calls and waiting for drivers to reach without knowing their whereabouts. However, for taxi aggregators, the taxi-booking app would be the mode through which they can reach their customers and provide an impeccable and timely taxi service.

White Label Taxi Dispatch Software

Passengers prefer to use taxi-booking applications because they can:

  – book cabs in a few taps,

  – access plenty of booking options: instant, scheduled, street pick-up, ridesharing, etc.,

  – view the estimated fare for rides,

  – track driver location,

  – get to know the average arrival time and clear route details,

  – receive cabs at the doorstep or wherever you are,

  – split the fare among the co-rider(s),

  – rate drivers instantly,

  – choose vehicle type based on preferences and needs,

  – get driver profile in a click and ride with no fear,

  – use panic/emergency button when they are in any emergency situation, and

  – above all, pay a reasonable fare and get a reliable service at all times.

For the service providers, it would be the tool that bridges the gap between passengers and drivers. Taxi booking app is the one that:

  – brings business in,

  – connects drivers and passengers,

  – drives more customer data, and

  – helps to track customer location.

Smartphones become the sixth finger of the millennials whose expectation would be to get things done in a fraction of seconds. The taxi industry is fast-forwarding that requires a comprehensive support of technology to deliver a quality service, especially for businesses to sustain in the market. The taxi booking app would be the right solution for passengers to get cabs faster and for aggregators to dispatch taxis efficiently.