Unpleasant taxi rides have vanished with the arrival of taxi-hailing application. Unlike traditional taxis, app based taxi companies have hit the market with a disruptive technology to deliver an upmarket taxi service. The e-hailing concept has been hailed in many countries where it has even been legalized for more effectiveness.
In recent days, clones of taxi apps have been developed and sold with the intention to hit the jackpot in the taxi industry as did the apps like Uber, Lyft, and so on. Many have gone in vain because of lack of certain features that the above-said disruptors adopted. What would be those unique features that made them stand out is the unanswered question for people who desired to achieve in the taxi business. Here I have listed the key functionalities of a taxi-hailing, dispatch system:
Location tracker
To trace customer location, track taxi drivers, and reach the destination on time can be attained only with the help of a GPS-enabled map. The map serves the purpose of heart in taxi business without which feasibility in taxi mobility is not possible.
Secure payment gateways
The convenience of e-hailing will be fulfilled only when it allows online or in-app payment with secure payment gateways. Integrating payment options with the taxi-booking app will bring enhanced outputs.
Profile updation and payment module
Profile updation must be a mandatory feature for certain authentication and safety purposes. Besides, it is necessary to authorize payment and personalize ratings and reviews.

Setting up when, how, and how much fee to be collected from drivers should be mandated with an effective built-in module. Let it work automatically and systematically.
Prolific analytics system
How if your drivers drive by keeping their eyes closed? So will be the case with the taxi-booking system without analytical data. If you are developing or buying one, make sure it has the feature of smart analytics system.
Communication channel
The taxi-booking app must allow in-app messages and push notifications to let your customers get connected and updated. The app must also act as a communication channel between you, your drivers, and your customers.
Admin panel and after-sales service
Dispatching and tracking panel is an essential for any application to get business, process the same, and complete the task. Business apps need proper updation and upgradation on time for effective results. Therefore, find a team that does after-sales service.