On-demand technology has absolutely revolutionized the business world. While everyone is so busy with their careers, and their personal lives there seems to be no time for them to handle things simultaneously!

Can on-demand services be the solution for this? What precisely are these on-demand services? On-demand services are the ones one can easily reach out in the comfort of your home. An on-demand services app, on the other hand, is the absolute elucidation for the customer’s needs! These services are a huge stepping stone in digitizing even small-scale businesses.

As everyone reaches their mobiles to make their lives easier, the on-demand services app can be the perfect choice for your commerce. It’s the best way to drive revenue to your company and after all, you can make the customer happy in the comforts of their home. On-demand businesses are so popular nowadays because people look for quick and accessible services to be delivered to their doorsteps whether it is food, transportation, and of course, shopping!

Your business would function well for a custom-made application that is user-friendly and fully packed with functionalities. For sure, increasing your sales couldn’t be easier without the help of these miracle on-demand applications. As people can reach out to you in a single click, they are definitely serving the purpose that any business needs.

Even though there are plenty of benefits you get out of these on-demand apps, the main benefit includes the ROI as you acquire more customers and strengthen your customer base by serving faster. Also, almost 92% of people are using mobile apps as compared to the mobile web, and the number would multi-fold in less time as per the study. On-demand apps are the best choice when you want to invest in your business but it is significant for you to understand the must-have features in your on-demand app.

1.Security Features

The first and foremost activity any customer would do while they download any on-demand app is that they look for proper. Most payment apps or websites have certain verification symbol that makes the customer feel that the app or website is trustworthy to use. It is most important that the customers have trust and rely on the payment gateway in which they provide their personal information and payment details as well.

2.Crucial Notifications 

Crucial notifications are something that every customer would look for in on-demand applications. It could be any offer message, sales, or any important things that you want your customers to know.  Notifications not only act as an efficient tool for marketing, they also build customer relationships. This is because you make your customer remind your brand presence often and engage.

3.Live Tracking

Everybody loves to be comforted, and adding live GPS tracking to your mobile app can be very encouraging for your customers. They would feel safe with your services. After all, that they would feel valued as they pay for it. This way, the customer can be connected to the courier, delivery person, and the exact location. Moreover, even if they wish to change the delivery time or date, they can easily do that when they get constant updates of their product or service. Not just that even during their taxi travel, they feel safe sharing their location with the family. Thus, live tracking is a significant and crucial feature that any on-demand app must have!

4.Additional Payment Options

With a good number of payment options available in the market, restricting your customer to a limited payment option can never be the perfect decision. Customers prefer to choose a different option as there is always simple and easier technological solutions coming up like UPI code payment and virtual payment apart from the elementary credit cards, debit cards, and net banking. It is hence always the best option to include these features in payment gateways.

5.Easy Interface

This is a key feature. If the information is scattered and the customer is searching for it and spending more time, it is obvious that in no-time the app would get uninstalled.  A good on-demand application should be informative and at the same time easy to use. The interface should be comprehensive, allow customers to add or remove products or services as and when they yearn. The on-demand application should be available to access flawlessly and permit customers to find what they seek. It is easier with clear filtering options and sorting features.

6.Proficient Customer Care

It is just not the team of expert but also the channel to reach out to them matters the most! Customers should be able to reach out in case of any grumbles. It should be made reachable for your customers to be able to chat with a customer care executive, call them, or drop an email when any dispute arises.

To retain a happy customer base, it is really important that there should be minimal time required for customer care to get back to the customer. When you have great care who could pounce onto the problem and get it resolved for your customers, they’d definitely spread the word about your app!

Having chatbots for solving basic queries will not only save your pocket but also the customer’s pocket. In the case of taxi hiring apps, it is mandatory that you include an SOS number for the customers to contact when in adversity.

7.Rating and Review Options

The success of any business greatly depends on the reviews and ratings provided by the customers. They not only help your business improve but also keep reminding you of the best services that can be provided to them. Accepting this feedbacks can help improve user experience and the quality of service provided. Providing an opportunity to the customer opinion can create a certain kind of trust that usually other competitor apps or websites lack. Also, while other customers view that, they tend to decide whether or not to use the app.

8.Recent Search Activity and Past Orders 

While it is essential for customers to use the app easily, it is equally important for customers to be able to view their recent search activity. It could reduce their time and help in reordering certain items at ease or look for certain information without any hassle.

9.The Wish list Feature

While there are lots of items available on the e-commerce platform, it is not easier to make the right choice. The customers might wish to save the item for now and purchase it later for some reason. It could be because the item is out of stock for now but want to purchase once the stock is available.

Adding the wish list feature to your on-demand applications will for sure be helpful because they can make their buying decisions better. This feature is quite important for the On-Demand app. This will encourage customers either to make their purchase once they are ready or when the product is back in stock.

10.Visual Appeal

When we mean visual appeal, it just not stops with colorful buttons and icons. The color should be apt for identifying the call to action or click-to-action buttons and menus available on the app. The text should be readable and should neither be too bright nor be too dark and similarly, the text background should go well with the text color. It should be simple, readable, and easy to use.

11.Easy Cancellation 

There are chances when a customer yearns to cancel the placed order or booking due to some reasons. In such cases, the on-demand app should provide customers with the option to cancel the order and also allow for replacing or rescheduling, or a rebooking facility.

12.Multiple order booking:

It is effective and good to offer the facility to place multiple orders at once. This shall help them for easy and smooth check out process for the order placed. It is better than the on-demand apps collects all the required user information for a hassle-free checkout process.


There isn’t any particular art to create a perfect app. However, it is vital to get demanding and required features to get into one place and provide a solitary solution. As on-demand applications have a great market in the future it is best that you switch your business to the same and grow your customer base as well as increase your revenue.  You can easily succeed in your business by choosing the right on-demand app with these above-mentioned primary features. Also, if required you can get it customized accordingly from some of the best in market on-demand application providers.

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