Taxi service is evolving day to day with emerging technologies which brings taxi companies into the next level of public transportation. Early days few taxis were operated in major cities but the people’s mentality brings taxi companies in advanced technology. Mobile based taxi apps are quickly growing up which also creates great demand to operate more vehicles.

However taxi service giant uber been already decided to replace their local cabs with independent driver-less vehicle.An implementation of autonomous cars for public taxis are sill long way off, but cab companies announced in the way of saving money and in vehicle time. Uber always faces some controversies in its way of gaining passengers. Uber allows cabbies who may not pass all background checks which leads to more assaults and women harassment. To weed out this problem uber seeks a technology to improve the passenger’s riding experience.

The technology’s giant Google has released driver less fleet of robot taxi to test flawless taxi riding. This new technology is still rolling out rapidly in the development and testing, however some lawmakers creating regulations to operate driver less vehicle in roads.

This new technology will bring people to hail local cabs with ease. The people can able to hail the taxis anytime and the system can reorganize more than 80 languages. So it will make passenger to tell the destination and reach their location safe. Once passenger gets out from vehicle, automated system will cleans up. This Technology would eliminate human interaction all together. It will really amaze you but the cost of using may bit higher than regular taxis.