Bus charter/shuttle service gains popularity in recent days because of its convenience, comfort, availability, and reliability. Many organizations, schools and educational institutions, and corporate companies prefer to hire charter bus/shuttle services to meet their day-to-day or occasional travel needs. It becomes the need of the hour with the increasing customer preferences. As the requirement for this exclusive transportation service is growing day by day, the dispatching process has to be automated with an advanced bus charter/shuttle management to make it reliable.

Here are a few things to be considered while adopting such management system for successful business operations:

     1. Making things simple for users

     2. Integrating features in a single platform

     3. Adding systems with a real-world appeal

     4. Equipping with real-time features that are key for business operations

     5. Keeping it reliable and accessible

Key Features of a Bus charter/Shuttle Management Software

To ease the dispatching process, the bus charter/shuttle management software has to be furnished with the following features:

Quoting – The bus charter/shuttle management software has to be equipped with tools that can help business operators generate quotations for clients in minutes.

Scheduling – By having a clear picture on the availability of drivers and vehicles, the software should prompt better scheduling. It has to warn the dispatcher if a driver is put into overtime and show their service timing.

Driver itineraries – Driver itinerary plays a key role in any bus charter system as it avoids diversions and helps drivers stick to the plan. So, such itinerary has to be systemized with the implementation of an all-effective software.

Invoicing – The charter bus management software has to handle the complex billing process and simplify the invoicing system. The charter service providers have to be provided with an option to ease billing, tracking deposits, and viewing overdue payments.

Reporting – It must be integrated to automate the reporting system that has to provide detailed reports about the mileage each vehicle has traveled through and fueling details.

Payroll – The payroll has to be generated for the complete team of the charter bus. It should also provide management the access to a detailed calculation report, which can explain how pay is calculated for each staff.

Financial reporting – The charter management software should give all information for a successful financial reporting such as invoice overview, revenue and expense reports, and performance insights.

Integrated accounting system – For an improved charter management experience, the software must be built with the ability to integrate with any third-party or existing internal system.

While easing the dispatch, the charter bus/shuttle software must be the central resource for all operations. The software has to manage sales, dispatching, vehicle/driver allocation, billing, payroll, and more. It should also provide business operators with tools to report revenue generated and profit/loss analysis. With such bus charter management system, you, as a motor-coach operator, have to customize it to make it suitable for your business model. With accurate pricing accuracy and easy access to necessary data, the shuttle management software is an all-inclusive platform for the charter operation.