The taxi companies see immense possibilities for ride sharing in British Columbia. Considering the consumer demands, the NDP government has announced that it will bring ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft to B.C., but only after reviewing the current policies and devising a new report. The idea has been to allow the services by the end of this year. But the companies will have to wait a little longer, hoping to start the services by early 2018.

The Transportation Minister Claire Trevena announced that they are working on the rules that ensure both safety to the public and job security to the drivers. The government is very cautious that the new set of rules should not knock down either the ride-hailing companies or the traditional taxi industry. This can eventually delay the process until the B.C. government proposes regulations that appease the requirements of both the groups.

The reason that ride-hailing provides more choice and convenience for the people drives the growth of such companies in more and more places. It has experienced a significant growth in the recent years. The idea to adopt ride-hailing in British Columbia, as in other cities, also manifests the demand for ride hiring services. As the adoption can reform as well as affect the transportation industry and travel patterns, the government is quite thoughtful of approving ride sharing in B.C. The final report is expected to spark significant debates on a variety of issues including how ride-hailing is going to affect the traditional taxi industry, how it can be regulated and the safety implications.

Ride-hailing apps are currently used in all major metropolitan areas. The adoption of ride-hailing services in cities has reportedly reduced the number of drunk drivers on the road. Taxi applications are also used increasingly by the people for various other reasons including parking constraints and the increasing price of parking.

Ride-hailing companies thus have a potential impact on travel choices and travel behavior of the people. For the same reason, the B.C.’s NDP government has promised to legalise ride-hailing services, as people want more options to get around quickly and safely.