Are you stuck in a taxi for hours and regretting for waiting in it for long hours together? Then here are certain apps which would help you while you travel next time in a taxi from Point A to Point B.
You are certain to gain some knowledge instead of breaking your heads waiting in your taxi.


Not willing to get trapped in a traffic chaos then this app is the best one to help you out. This app is integrated with the Google Maps provides navigation in a better manner and brings in live traffic updates to the one who availed their service. Traffline helps you to bring in almost everything from quickest routes, live traffic updates, accidents and the breakdowns on road. This is also integrated with the social media sites to keep the updates real and people friendly.

Google Translate:

If you are new to the place and not knowing the language then Google Translate is the handy one at your disposal. It is always better to communicate with your driver in the local language for a better commute. This app is almost 100% accurate and can translate about 70 languages making it a handy one to be used. This is supported in Android, Blackberry,i OS and Windows.

Four Square:

Being new to the city you might not be knowing what is present on the way to your destination. Sometimes you could reach your place earlier and would be wondering what to be done. Four Square is the one set of app which brings in the list of places near your locality which is more liked by you. Be it restaurant, coffee shop, bar and so on.


Once you have communicated with your driver to lead you to the nearest coffee shop you could sit back and get to know about the news. Feedly is one such app which links to several news events instead of browsing through for several news sites. This also links with social media sites and also to you tube.

YouTube Offline:

Not having internet access in your phone then YouTube Offline helps out to watch videos offline. This have a selected set of videos to be watched and can save it offline which could viewed for the next 48 hours.


This is an app which provides audio books without much straining of eyes. This consists of a collection of 10,000 audio books which are popular and have direct downloads.


Trouble hitting the net to learn foreign languages then Duolingo app is the best to be used. This helps the user to read, write and speak several set of languages with ease. This helps to learn up to seven foreign languages to the English speaking people.
Well using all these apps a traveler could commute their journey in a better way in a taxi.