With the hype in mobile phone usage, mobile applications play a vital role in revolutionizing business today. Considering the commercial scope, there are about 3 million applications in the major app stores now. To stand your ground in the business race and be a step ahead of your competitors, you need to boost your app visibility and increase app downloads. App store optimization (ASO) is the technique with which you can improve your business prospects using a mobile app.

App store optimization, otherwise known as mobile app SEO, targets at optimizing the given mobile application to improve its ranking. After all, it is the apps that rank higher based on the search algorithms are the ones that have a high possibility of downloads. Keywords are an integral part of the app store optimization. Doing keyword research and using relevant keywords in your app content such as title and description helps your app to gain a better ranking.

The ultimate goal of app store optimization is to fetch organic traffic to your app page prompting your potential customers to download and install the same. In fact, 63% of app downloads and installs happen with organic searches on app stores.

Major perks of app store optimization

Improve visibility

Besides building an app for your business, you also need to achieve maximum visibility This way, your efforts towards business growth do not get overshadowed by your competitors and other new entrants in the industry. Strategic app store optimization can make it happen by improving your app ranking to help your customers find your app easily.

Reach your target audience

Achieving app visibility is, of course, the initial move. But then, increased visibility with lower conversion only costs you your time and money. Poor conversion rate even after putting in efforts is disheartening and is also a serious setback to your business growth.

To avoid this scenario, your attempt has to be rightly targeted so that your app is visible to your potential customers.

Innovative ASO techniques come handy for you to reach your target audience at ease. For instance, identifying the keywords your potential customers use to find out apps like yours and using them in your app content increases the probability of your target audience finding your app easily.

Cut down costs

With channelized strategies for app store optimization, you can drive organic traffic to your app page which, in turn, cuts down the cost you spend on paid ads to attract more visitors to your app page.

Increase app downloads

Once you generate organic traffic to your app page, you finally have to prompt your visitors to download your mobile application. ASO comes to achieve a balance between the click-through-rate (CTR) and the number of app downloads by converting your opportunities into your customers.

Want to know the strategies for effective app store optimization? Stay tuned to the second part of the ASO series with TaxiMobility.

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