An electric powered passenger’s vehicle, hansom taxicab on the road in New York City street, circa 1900.


checker cab 1926
Checker cabs are the most famous taxis began to appear on the roads in 1926.


cabs in 1929
A New York City yellow cab in 1929, Originally manufactured by the checker cabs to accomodate five passengers.


Desoto taxicab, 1930
Desoto had a long standing, and profitable relationship with the Taxi industry in 1900 – 1936.


Sunshine cab
Nicknamed the “Sunshine” cab, taxis with a European-style sun roof were put into service in New York, June 19, 1936. The new fleet was the largest single order for new taxicabs in history.


Chevrolet taxis 1950
The new model taxicab from Chevrolet is shown in New York City, May 17, 1950.