The history of taxi cab rides dates back to 1897 in Schorndorf, Germany invented by Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler. The taxi was named as Daimler Victoria, the first regular motor vehicle with a meter and petrol engine, in the world. Later on it was introduced in Paris (1903), London and NewYork.

Today it is designed and manufactured in various sizes, colors and decorates the cities all around the world making it a part of our lifestyle. In various countries, people cherish the services of taxis.
In United States, when it started the first taxi service during 1897, through Electric Carriage and Wagon company it came to an end during 1907 because of a fire accident. Undeterred by the tragedy, another company name NewYork Taxicab rolled out nearly 700 cabs in the city. Today it imports from India also to serve their citizens.
There are pre-defined rules and regulations for taxi drivers in US where drivers have to attend classes to learn dress codes, decorum and geographical areas around the places they need to drive.
In England, black cab was introduced first and a thing of great pride for the city. Here again, there are very tough regulations to be followed by drivers where they have to complete a Knowledge Test. Most of them find it difficult to complete.
France is a place where you cannot easily find a taxi. It is a different kind of a city where taxis wont stop even if you hail it by hand. They charge you based on time and the distance between the pick up and destination.There are modern taxi vehicles that serve the business like Peugeot, skoda, Renault etc.
On a little contrast, in Germany, you need to flag a taxi by hands more than finding in taxi stand. They do not encourage you if you are drunk, use filthy language or use guns /knives. They strictly go by the laws.
In a strange Russia, you cannot find a taxi normally but if you hail a car they can give you a ride like a taxi service. These are called ‘gypsy cabs’. Non-Russian speaking people have to cough up more fare. Mostly, the fare is expensive even in official cab services on a stand or phone call!
Italy mostly run government owned taxis and less number of private taxis. Do not go in the non-metered taxis as they may charge exhorbitantly. Meters will be on from the time of calling a taxi by the customer that is even before you get in to the vehicle!
Japan has an enthusiastic taxi culture. With over two lakh cabs, Tokyo has nearly 300 taxi companies running in the city. Automatic door in the left side of the vehicle enables you get in and out of it. Almost every taxis have meters. There is neither a bargain nor a tip in this part of the world.
China is a cool cab service provider. It is inexpensive and you can write down the destination address in Chinese if you do not know the language. Tips is not encouraged. Volkswagen, Hyundai are famous brands that serve cabs.
In India, Premier Padmini and Hindustan Ambassador were the standard Indian cabs. Nowadays, all types of latest brands have come to be used as taxis. Especially foreigners have to be doubly careful because they can be charged a lot. So be prepared to know the fares and get help with your Indian friends.
In Malaysia, meter taxi is a problem and you have to ask the driver to use meter.
Mexico, is known for its taxi crimes, so alternatively, Radio taxis are being used.
Brazil is famous for yellow color taxis which mostly serve for hotels.