The food delivery sector is witnessing a massive surge in opportunities chiefly because people are avoiding to dine at restaurants amid the COVID-19 situation. Given the ease of access to a wide range of savories from the comfort of their homes, customers will increasingly prefer their favorite ready-to-eat food items delivered at their doorsteps even when the pandemic passes. With the rise in demand, now is the right time to upgrade your food delivery business to serve more customers and boost returns.

Here is how a digital platform can add value to your business and help you to be a step ahead of your competitors.

Real-time tracking

With a digital solution, you can provide your customers with precise ETAs and facilitate them to track corresponding delivery partners in real-time. As for your delivery partners, they can easily map their way to the customers’ location and make faster deliveries. This way, you can improve customer experience and gain more happy customers for your business in the long run.

The GPS-tracking feature also allows the admin to track multiple delivery executives down to their live locations and thereby ensure maximum business productivity.

Personalized notifications

Sending push notifications based on your customers’ preferences is an effective way to engage them. With the push notification feature of the food delivery platform, the admin can notify customers about their order statuses. Besides, the service provider can also keep customers informed about special discounts when they order food from selected eateries or redeem promo codes. This way, the business operator can entice customers to come back for more orders in the near future and thereby generate more revenue.

Zero-contact payments

Cashless payments are no more a choice but a necessity especially given the need to avoid physical contact at the moment. By building a digital platform for your food delivery business, you can provide your customers with auto-generated e-receipts and allow them to make their order payments through multiple payment gateways online.

Besides opening doors for safe and secure transactions, the digital platform helps you to win your customers’ confidence by offering them maximum transparency into billing.

Customer feedback

The role of food aggregators does not stop with connecting customers with local restaurants and making food deliveries. They also ought to understand how customers respond to the service offered. With the rating and review feature of the food delivery platform, you can encourage your customers to rate restaurants and deliveries which, in turn, helps you to improve your service quality and provide better customer support.

Additionally, good reviews and ratings from existing customers can increase the number of app downloads and bring more new customers your way.

Actionable insights

Business success depends not only on determining the positives and keeping them up but also identifying the setbacks and eliminating them carefully. However, executing it with manual methods can be inefficient ultimately resulting in poor business decisions.  On the contrary, a digital solution generates authentic analytical reports to help you make effective decisions  based on your business performance and improve your operational efficiency.

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