The lockdown situation owing to the COVID-19 outbreak has brought about a massive transformation in the shopping behavior of people across the globe. With the need for social distancing and limited mobility options, customers prefer essentials to be delivered at their doorsteps.

The scenario has boosted the market scope for delivery services and it’s time you make right use of the opportunities and generate more revenue for your last-mile delivery business. Here is a look at the key strategies to improve customer engagement for your business.

All-in-one service

When it comes to home delivery in the wake of COVID-19, there is a huge demand for groceries, food, medicine and other essentials. Given the scenario, customers naturally opt for businesses that offer multiple delivery services on a single platform. You can gain new customers, generate more revenue and take your last-mile delivery business to a higher stratum if you equip your business to meet the altering customer requirements.

Business partnerships

Developing partnerships with local businesses and vendors can prevent supply chain disruption while fetching mutual benefits for the stakeholders involved. This helps in branching your business to offer more services, relating back to the previous strategy.

As a delivery service provider, you can easily restock commodities by getting in touch with your collaborators as and when there is a need. This way, you can provide uninterrupted last-mile delivery service for your customers.

Digital platform

By building a customized on-demand application for your last-mile delivery business, you are always a few clicks away from your potential customers. It gives your business a competitive edge especially during this uncertain time. On the other hand, a digital solution also helps you to automate your business operations thereby paving the way for seamless order management and delivery at the earliest.

Hire delivery professionals

Efficient workforce management is an integral part of any business that aims to achieve excellence. With the increase in demand for delivery services, you need to hire more resources and expand your workforce. Increase in delivery executives prompts quicker service which, in turn, improves customer experience while increasing the cash flow in your business.

Contactless deliveries

Physical contact is one of the major reasons behind the transmission of COVID-19 from one person to the other. Ensure zero-contact between your customers and executives during the time of delivery as an initiative to prevent the coronavirus spread. Prompting online payments using a digital solution for your delivery business is the easiest way to keep your resources and customers at a safe distance from each other.

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