Though the COVID-19 pandemic hit ride-hailing hard, the industry is now gradually booming again. In fact, it is predicted to attain a growth of up to 55.9% and the market revenue is expected to hit 120 million USD in 2021 from 76 million USD in 2020. Service providers are now coming up with new enhancements to ensure maximum safety for both passengers and drivers.

Launch your ride-hailing app with the following advancements regarding safety to receive more ride requests and retain your drivers synchronously.

COVID-19 Checklist

Wearing a face mask is a primary precaution to keep away from infections. Insist your drivers to upload a selfie from the driver app before accepting rides to make sure they have their face masks on. Also, include a health checklist in the driver app to confirm that your drivers are in good health and maintain workplace hygiene. Leading industry players like Uber and Didi Chuxing have now included this feature in their ride-hailing apps.

Ride Cancellation

When a driver or a passenger shows symptoms of COVID-19, it is highly risky for the other to travel with a suspect. To avoid such hazards, allow your customers and drivers to cancel rides without bearing a penalty for the same. This way, you can create a safer environment for them and earn their confidence which is essential for your business growth.

Go Glocal

Give your customers and drivers the comfort of accessing your ride-hailing platform using a language they prefer. This is possible when you have a taxi solution with integrated multilingual support. Also, send them push notifications relevant to their locations from the admin backend panel. This way, you can expand your service boundaries easily and help the community during unpredictable times irrespective of the variations in demography.

Rating & Review

Knowing the feedback of your customers and driver-partners is equally important especially when you launch a new service or resume your ride-hailing services after a crisis. Facilitate the two of them to rate each ride based on their experience so that you can validate if your ride-hailing business meets the market requirements and implement changes if necessary.

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