As the taxi industry continues to grow exponentially, there seems to be a constant struggle between taxi companies to hire and retain drivers. The acute demand has led to a shortage of professionals and so it is imperative to retain your existing drivers and not risk losing them to your competitors. Here are 4 effective driver retention strategies.

Driver Engagement

Engaging drivers is the biggest prospect in the taxi industry. If they are treated nicely, they, in turn, show their enthusiastic response in their work. They volunteer proactively for the welfare of the company and would turn up with more reference for recruitment. Also, they earn a good name from the customers for both them and the organisation they work for. Appreciate the positive performance of the drivers so they work even better and contribute to increased productivity.

Cultivating Compliance

Make sure that all the drivers follow compliance and have no objections to it. If the drivers are charged with fines for minor mistakes, it would cause dissatisfaction in them which would make a huge negative impact in your business. Rather, conduct quick sessions to help them understand the goals of the company. Educating the drivers about their roles and the company’s goal builds a rapport between the operator and the driver and also makes way for business enhancement.

Rewards and Referral bonus

Offering rewards based on passenger rating will make a big impact on driver retention. This reward scheme makes a clear listing of the reputed drivers and their significant service. This also boosts their performance and increases their confidence level. Recruitment of new drivers with the reference of the existing ones also earns them a referral bonus. This is another way of hiring new employees and satisfying the existing ones simultaneously.

Transparent Communication

Being transparent with the employees earns you loyal ones. Let them know the detailed trip status and the rewards they have earned. This would increase the practice of feedback from the drivers’ side too – their needs, problems faced and the customer activities. Open communication between the operator and the driver proves that they work as a team and have a sound bonding that results in the overall growth of the taxi business.

Driver retention is an important criterion for longevity in the taxi industry and if you are keen on retention processes, talk to our experts to understand how the software turns out to be a practical solution for your business. Label Taxi Dispatch Software