Women safety is a concern that cannot be ignored in the present scenario. So, what are the precautions that women must take before picking up a taxi?

1. Select a standard and licenced company and book in advance. Secondly, put a word to your family and friends – give them the taxi’s details like phone number, website, driver’s number etc.

2. Make sure the company gives you the appropriate details of the taxi driver, vehicle number and name of the driver before you are picked up. It also gives you the correct notion that you ‘ve chosen the right cab that you’ve ordered.

3. Make sure that the taxi operator has an emergency phone number. And in case you are booking in a public place, do not let others know that you are audible enough so that anyone can pose themselves as a taxi driver and come to you.

4. Best, if not possible from a standard company cab, better go with your friends or neighbours instead of choosing an unknown one.

5. Ensure you are charged fully with your mobile and other accessories and also make sure that you are taking it along with your without fail. And most important have a balance in your sim card.

6. Check the taxi number before you board and message it across your family and friends. Or take a picture of the taxi with the number plate with your mobile phone.

7. Take the back seat always for your safety.

8. Its very important that someone knows that you are travelling in a taxi.

9. Cover your body parts always or if you have an overcoat please carry it with you. It applies wherever you go whether you reach an office or a club or anywhere else.

10. If possible try to make a company of two when you travel and make sure you are dropped first than the other.Always go on the main roads that you are familiar with and do not encourage unknown routes with the driver.
Finally, in case of threatening circumstances, cry louder so that everybody around you from motorists to tresspassers are able to hear you.
Try all possible ways of defensive approach you can – pull the driver to stop or try getting out of the vehicle or shout from the vehicle so that everybody hears you.
Before you step into a vehicle, if you sense something is wrong avoid it at all possible costs and any cost.