Journey of a freight transportation startup looking to become a leader in the industry using TaxiMobility

Executive Summary

With the vision to establish a freight transportation business, the startup approached TaxiMobility for its suite of automated dispatch system and mobile applications.

Client Objectives

The startup’s key specification was to customize the suite of mobile applications and dispatch system to accommodate the requirements of road haulage and delivery and to simplify the truck booking process. Particularly, they requested a flexible fare management feature that would cover the company’s multiple customers.

They also wanted the application to be integrated with an exclusive corporate model that allows companies to perform bulk booking and access distinctive features in terms of payment mode.


TaxiMobility delivered the solutions based on the client requirements with standout features including:

  • Fare management based on geofences, delivery type and haulage weight
  • Corporate model equipped with payment mode that is integrated to the separate corporate account
  • Multiple job acceptance feature for the drivers
  • Promotional/Referral program
  • Allow phone booking facility


Equipped with various innovative features, TaxiMobility helped the startup to drastically capture the market. Being one of the very few freight transportation companies that offer such convenience, they were able to broaden their horizon. Also, the revenue reports and insights generated by TaxiMobility allowed them to scrutinize and enhance their operations for better results.

The transportation company has now set its goal of expanding its resources & workforce to increase their customer reach. With time, they look forward to capturing the global market with multi-location business.

About the Company

A Nigeria-based freight transportation company seeks to solve prevailing problems in the trucking industry by professionalizing Nigeria’s largely disorganized freight sector. The start-up is aimed to make haulage services reliable and cheaper and provide their customers with the ease of availing our road haulage services, similar to booking a taxi.

Industry: Freight Transportation

Company Size: Enterprise

Location: Africa

Software: Fleet Management Software

"TaxiMobility gave wings to our road haulage dream. Leveraging TaxiMobility’s innovative technology and our commitment, we are now on our way to becoming one of the leading on-demand trucking service providers in the country."