Most Convenient Cloud Based Taxi Solution

Edison Car Services is one of the largest online taxi service providers reaching out to its riders with the best quality service and a discrete fleet management system of taxis and limousines. Edison's services are perfect for a drive to and from airports, corporate events and other destinations. It excels over other taxi service providers in the industry, with flexible pricing, safe rides and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Edison Car Services was bereft of a convenient and affordable fleet management system. Edison Car Services, with its extensive and far-reaching services, was reliant on the radio dispatch system which after a period of time became inadequate to meet the company's purpose and its service requirements.


The Edison car application was developed as a fleet management solution for an efficient and cost-effective platform for taxi reservations and dispatch. The app incorporated the best user-friendly attributes to make the whole process of taxi booking easier and more convenient. The users are provided with easy navigation features to complete the reservations on-page and the dispatchers with the satisfaction of meeting the customer requirements.

The app enabled passengers to choose vehicle types, track vehicle location and a secure payment platform, in addition to many other distinct features that support specific customer needs.


The application revamped the organisation's business processes accelerating growth and increasing sales. Edison Car Services could stimulate its brand identity using the application with efficient and transparent means of cab hiring customized to fulfill the vision of its users.


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