The government’s in-house healthcare transit service catering to a larger community of disabled and elderly individuals wanted a way out of obsolete methods in order to address the altering market demands. Manual NEMT management posed the following problems for the government.


  • Inability to quickly meet the transit requirements of patients with special needs
  • Manual reservation management was both inaccurate and time-consuming
  • Difficulty in managing patient amenities for shuttle transit
  • Lack of proper communication channel for the industry stakeholders


Seamless ride booking

As the government designated NEMT service provider accepted bookings through conventional methods, it was a tedious process to map patients and their amenities to the right vehicle.

With talk-back functionality incorporated into our solution, TaxiMobility helped the service provider to facilitate disabled and elderly patients to book their rides using voice commands. Based on the passenger profile, the digital solution came up with vehicle choices that rightly catered to their specific needs. Additionally, the patients could mark their frequent pickup and drop-off locations as their ‘favorites’ to book their upcoming rides easily. This way, the service provider could offer a safe and timely commute to the patients, thereby curtailing the rate of missed medical appointments.

Automated trip management

To manage incoming bookings and dispatch vehicles manually was a herculean task for the NEMT operator. Besides being a time-consuming affair, it also resulted in the operator missing out on one or more bookings. The situation paved the way for the loss of opportunities for the organization.

We provided the government-based NEMT wing with a powerful dispatch module which helped them to automate vehicle dispatch as and when the request was made. This way, the organization could curtail a greater part of time and manpower spent on vehicle dispatch. Besides, they could also track their vehicles in real-time and help the patients to know their drivers’ live location while allowing the drivers to navigate their way to the pickup and drop locations at the earliest, all by using our GPS-powered digital solution.

Better shuttle planning

The government wanted to offer shared medical transport options for the patients. However, it was not possible with conventional practices of NEMT booking and dispatch, especially given the special needs of the patients.

TaxiMobility opened doors for shared mobility by helping the government-based NEMT service provider to easily handle multiple bookings that involved multiple pick-up points with a common drop-off point or vice- versa. Based on the vehicle amenities and capacity details, patients were assigned rides for a comfortable, safe and economical ride experience.

Integrated healthcare support

The absence of a proper communication channel for the stakeholders in the healthcare industry resulted in poor customer service.

TaxiMobility created an integrated digital platform where all the industry stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals and mobility service providers could come together.

  1. 1) A powerful backend helped the government’s NEMT wing in managing the fleet and assigning the amenities, dispatching vehicles to fulfill ride requests of both hospitals and patients and keeping track of all the invoices.
  2. 2) As for the hospitals, they could make bulk bookings for the patients and track the rides to ensure that their patients were safely transported.

This way, the government moved another step closer to its citizens by helping them- both patients and healthcare professionals- to reach them in just a few clicks as and when there is a medical transit requirement.


With TaxiMobility, the government rightly met the special needs of the country’s citizens, including the disabled and the elderly at the earliest by automating vehicle dispatch for medical transit. Besides, the government also streamlined the operations of its NEMT wing with our digital solution which resulted in minimizing overhead costs considerably.

About the Company

With a mission to provide safe, timely medical transportation for its disabled and elderly, the government organizes non-emergency transits across the country. The initiative focuses on increasing the availability of transit facilities, minimizing missed medical appointments and improving the health standards of its citizens.

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