Bally’s Casino is the largest and most luxurious casino which operates in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Apart from providing sophisticated amenities for its hotel residents and casino members, Bally’s offers VIP hospitality with its customer transport services. However, adopting the manual booking process posed some crucial challenges for the company.


  • Inability to monitor driver activities and keep accurate track of trip counts.
  • Difficulty to process driver payments manually due to a lack of transparency.
  • Increasing operational costs due to inaccurate activity recording.
  • Lack of proper channels to reduce drivers’ idle time and increase productivity.


Improved route transparency

Bally’s Casino found it difficult to calculate the number of trips taken by the drivers on a daily basis, depending on which the organization paid for its resources. Besides, keeping track of driver-partners was challenging as manual location updates given by the drivers were undependable.

With the GPS tracking feature, TaxiMobility helped the organization tackle its biggest challenge by allowing them to monitor their driver-partners, all in real-time. Using vehicle-wise reports and driver activities, Bally’s could easily automate driver payments based on the number of trips taken, thereby minimizing fraudulent practices.

Automated trip management

Manual dispatch of vehicles to pick up or drop customers at Bally’s casino was both tiresome and time-consuming.

TaxiMobility made trip management a cakewalk for Bally’s casino by helping them to monitor incoming ride requests and automate vehicle dispatch for their customers accordingly. With our digital solution, the organization could also keep track of the total number of trips taken by their customers within a given time period.

Importantly, we made it mandatory that either the pickup or drop location is Bally's casino and hotel. In case a customer needs to make a booking where the casino is neither the pickup nor the drop, then the admin can approve the request. This feature played a crucial part in ensuring that the Bally’s transport services are being used for its elite customers only.

Reduced idle time

Initially, driver-partners of Bally’s casino had to wait or go a long way to gain new trips. The situation created loopholes for the resources to run personal errands when they should be on duty. Such driver activities resulted in the organization struggling to achieve a balance between demand and supply which, in turn, affected the quality of the casino’s customer transport services.

With TaxiMobility, the organization could initiate a queueing system where the drivers could generate a token once they reach Bally's location, signaling that they are available for new trips. So, whenever a customer books a ride, the request is automatically transferred to the drivers lined up in the virtual queue system.

This way, Bally’s casino could curtail driver idle time and ultimately boost productivity.

Improved customer experience

The use of conventional transportation management practices by Bally’s casino only led to the misuse of liberty on the part of the drivers and resulted in poor customer experience.

By creating a streamlined driver queueing system with TaxiMobility, Bally’s casino could help its customers to avail faster transit across the entertainment space. By allowing customers to edit their drop location any number of times only if Bally’s casino was their pickup location, the organization could restrict driver movement and ensure improved customer experience synchronously.


With TaxiMobility, Bally’s casino could successfully automate transport management and prompt their driver-partners to exhibit maximum productivity. Additionally, they were able to minimize operational costs by 10% due to increased transparency.

By making way for quicker and more comfortable customer transit from and to their entertainment space, Bally’s casino could improve overall customer experience, which helped them to attract more new customers and thereby boost their business prospects.

About the Company

Bally’s Casino, based in Srilanka, is the largest entertainment space in the country. Started in 1995, Bally’s functions 24/7 providing sophisticated VIP area, an elegant bar, a classy restaurant and live entertainment. The organization upgrades its products and services from time to time to satisfy their clients while retaining the exceptional quality, to be the leading player in the industry.

Industry: Entertainment

Company Size:Enterprise

Location: Sri Lanka