Shell, a Nigeria-based energy development company striving to meet the global energy needs includes thousands of employees in its workforce. The company relies on shuttles for day-to-day employee transit and other special corporate events. Manual shuttle management posed the following challenges for the organization.


  • Inability to track multiple vehicles all at once.
  • Lack of route transparency for drivers and passengers.
  • Difficulty in handling bulk bookings and managing seating capacity.
  • Lack of proper communication channels to pass on transit updates.


Improved route transparency

With the route planning feature, TaxiMobility has enabled Shell to set up specific routes with corresponding stop points for each shuttle and configure date and timing for the same to operate.

This way, the company was able to plan employee commute for specified days and times of the week. Also, the admins could make sure the drivers took the predefined routes and promptly picked or dropped passengers right on time at specified stop points without missing out any employees.

Hassle-free reservation management

Manual reservation management was time-consuming and was also open to errors. TaxiMobility made it a cakewalk for the company by automating everything from accepting bookings to managing seating capacity accordingly.

As Shell’s shuttles were confined to its employees, TaxiMobility helped in creating a specific passenger app. To speed up the registration process, the user accounts that contained the company’s domain were automatically signed into the app. For other accounts, the admin can approve the request and initiate the sign-up process.

The employees can easily make bookings via the mobile app based on the shuttle schedule. Apart from group booking and requesting additional amenities, we integrated the ‘waiting list’ option where employees will be added to the waitlist in case of seating unavailability. Based on the booking status, the passengers were sent a confirmation or regret notification.

Safe and timely commute

TaxiMobility helped Shell in providing reliable employee transportation by keeping all stakeholders informed of everything happening in real-time.

Where the admin could use the dashboard to track the vehicles, shuttle status and monitor who’s on board, the employees could track corresponding shuttles to help them reach the pickup location on time. They would get push notifications that mark the arrival and departure of vehicles at their location.

As for the drivers, the workforce was able to mark their arrival or departure to the pickup/drop location from the mobile app. To ensure accountability, we additionally configured a geofence feature that enabled the ‘arrival’ or ‘departure’ from a particular location only when the vehicle is within the predefined radius.

Improved operational efficiency

TaxiMobility has enabled the company to have a comprehensive view of the overall operations such as the vehicle count and the routes taken by each vehicle, the number of bookings made, the number of employees who have taken rides, the number of employees who missed rides, ride cancellation rate, regret notification count and the total number of trips in a given period of time all on a single platform.

Besides, TaxiMobility also enables the admin to track multiple shuttles down to their precise locations at any given time irrespective of the fleet size ensuring maximum fleet safety. The super-admin gets an overview of shuttle operations in all regions, while giving sub-admins access to updates in specified regions. This way, TaxiMobility helped Shell to improve location-based shuttle services for their employees.


With TaxiMobility, the company has had a way out of complex employee shuttle operations by automating it all on an integrated platform. Shell has witnessed a remarkable increase in productivity by curtailing the rate of its employees missing their daily transit to work and has instilled punctuality in them.

About the Company

Shell is a multinational oil and gas development company based in Nigeria aiming to cater to the energy needs of the world and is dominating the export market for about 40 years. Besides energy production, Shell also contributes to the nation’s economy through the supply chain and social investment activities.

Industry: Oil and petroleum

Company Size:Enterprise

Location: Nigeria