Roselimos - The User Friendly App For Taxi Booking & Dispatching

Roselimos, established in 1985 and headquartered in Pineville, NC, has been at the forefront of transportation industry creating a nationwide network with 90 employees and 50+ vehicles in and around the city. Their fleet of chauffeured vehicles include Sedans, SUVs, limousines, vans and others. The Roselimos mobile application was developed for easy taxi booking and dispatch via smartphones.


The client was on the hunt for an application that would help them minimise the needless complications of the manual taxi dispatch system. They required an application that is increasingly interactive and easy to use than the existing one.


Based on the demands of the client to revamp their business to new heights, the mobile application was developed as a solution to simultaneously manage multiple passenger requests irrespective of their location. In addition to the benefits it extends to the dispatcher, passengers can easily search through a wide database of drivers and taxis and select the one of their choice for each ride. The app paves way to quick services at the doorstep with real-time tracking of resources. It was designed to function seamlessly on all devices and was customised to fit all passenger requirements.


The app helped the client to broaden their reach globally with a customer-friendly solution putting an end to the complexities in both taxi hiring and dispatch. They could streamline the entire process managing dispatches and assigning resources with less time and effort.


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