Applications do more than we expected and are not limited to just booking cabs. Especially, those of dispatchers and drivers go hand-in- hand with the respective staff and get things done in a fraction of second. Also, the passenger app helps us gain prominence among our customers.

Executive Summary

A startup at Muscat, Oman, has stepped into the taxi business with a vision to explore the industry from a different angle. They want to stand ahead of their competitors and provide their customers with a cozy conveyance. The best way to drive a successful taxi business is to adopt a taxi technology. However, they wanted the taxi dispatch software to be designed with a few more customization that should make theirs a highly reliable taxi service ever.


While providing taxi management software with elemental applications for admin, dispatcher, passengers, and drivers, TaxiMobility customized those apps with the following features to make it more responsive and delivered a solution that meets our client requirements:

1.Language Support (English and Arabic).

2.Safety Measures: Panic button for passengers and drivers, and options to share trip details with relatives.

3.Web, Hotel, and Port Booking.

4.Trip Packages (Hourly, Corporate, and Street Pick-up).

4.Third-party Payment Integration (mPOS).

Besides, we have manipulated Node.js and AngularJS to make it more responsive.


Our client wanted their taxi software to be highly reliable, safe, and comprehensive one to gain prominence among the natives and exert a best-in- class service to leave the established industry players behind. Therefore, they insisted us to develop an integrated and automated technology that could satisfy all their expectations and support them in inferring an effective business plan.


With the powerful back-end functionality, TaxiMobility helps the business operator to manage vehicles, drivers, partnering companies, and even the passengers on a single platform. This quality taxi dispatch solution makes the client run their business in a more organized and unique way.

About the Company

An on-demand taxi company based in Oman is providing the best-in-class tourism and taxi services across the region, which was the first company to get the license for the metered taxi from the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Transport. Being driven by qualified and trained drivers, they strive to provide easy and hassle-free rides to their customers in Oman and ensure passenger safety.

Industry: Tourism and On-demand Taxi Service

Company Size: Enterprise

Location: Oman

Software: Taxi Management Software

"As we are determined to increase our brand value, we were looking for a solution that had to support us in all the way from dispatching cabs, managing drivers, ensuring safety, increasing reliability, improving performance, to tracking records that help us understand where we stand."