TaxiMobility’s innovative solution has been the lifeline of our business idea. With such advanced system, we are now capable of effortlessly performing our operations across multiple services without any compromise to service quality.

Executive Summary

A Vietnamese support platform for service providers seeks to establish a one-stop destination for its wide range of offerings by implementing TaxiMobility and its extensive suite of applications.

Client Objectives

With a focus to establish a mobile marketplace for taxi booking, delivery, shuttle and local services, the startup’s key requirements were to consolidate these specific categories into a unified mobile application. Each service was to be integrated for on-demand and scheduled booking and equipped with features to enhance the users’ experience.

Additionally, they specifically requested for a comprehensive admin panel that would accommodate the capability of managing multiple service providers and configuring individual fare pricing.

Their overall objective was to develop a suite of applications that streamlines the entire business process and makes it easier for both the users and the company.


Catering to their key specifications, TaxiMobility introduced the below customization and advanced features into the solutions.

1.Custom module for the three services with the ability to support multiple sub-modules.

2.Vietnamese language support for the passenger and driver mobile application.

3.Extensive fare management for each service.

4.Customized pricing module for individual services.


With TaxiMobility, the service provider had the potential of addressing their vast target audience with a single platform. The convenience and efficiency provided by TaxiMobility were the key aspects that helped them in servicing their customers. Also, the business was able to execute their operations for yielding maximum productivity and monitor activities for each service with utmost accuracy.

About the Company

A Vietnam-based company is providing support services for taxi companies, transport cooperatives, schools, businesses in order to provide people who need services that are reliable, quick, and trust. It is committed to supporting services that are key to the life and work of people.

Industry: On-demand Service

Company Size: Enterprise

Location: Vietnam

Software: Support Service Software

"Our main intention was to build a platform that solves the varying needs of our customers, ranging from transportation to professional services. And so, we approached TaxiMobility for their expertise in providing on-demand applications. Their innovative solution has become the lifeline of our business idea."