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Managing a complex and dynamic need of cost-effective NEMT service is daunting for the service providers.

Executive Summary

A non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service provider based in Los Angeles, CA, is aimed to provide an on-demand service for riders with special needs. Theirs is a government-aided service where the payments are fixed and they get a subsidy from the government to provide such NEMT service at low cost. They are providing service to differently abled persons, so they wanted to provide a hassle-free and convenient service to their customers.


1.Retrieving data from the native software (that they were using by that time)

2.Defining trips (combining trips between two destinations)

3.Re-scheduling the trips (manual)

4.Automating the process of editing the defined trips


1.We tried using Java to drive data from their old taxi management system and integrate it with our new software. However, it didn't work. Therefore, we got access to a system at their facility and completed the integration by means of PHP (Ingres database).

2.The TaxiMobility team has provided them with a feature to consolidate several trips and assign it as a single trip (defined trip).

3.We designed a feature to help them edit the scheduled trips manually.

4.While the manual re-editing was a tiresome and time-consuming task, we were requested to automate things. We have automated the editing option to change the schedules of defined trips and simplified the process.


With the streamlined NEMT process, the service provider could remove transportation barriers for those disadvantaged people, prevent missed medical appointments by taking them to places on time, decrease their burden of getting cabs, and reduce the transportation costs for them.

“TaxiMobility let us drive an unmatched efficiency with unequaled performance; thereby, we gained a good reputation among people in need as we could provide a reliable service across the region.”

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