TaxiMobility: A lifeline for taxi business

A leading Myanmar-based travel company was the talk of the town when they first launched their taxi service.

Executive Summary

It was really a herculean task for them to make a stand on the field, as they had to compete with existing industry giants. Yet with a greater hope, they had come into play and understood that the traditional way of booking and dispatching cab over the phone does not work anymore. Therefore, they had decided to get a taxi management system that had to outweigh their competitors.

Client Objectives

Their expectation from TaxiMobility was greater as they wanted to provide their customers with an exceptional and professional on-demand service that the Burmese would not dream of getting.

Besides the basic features of the software and applications, they wanted the TaxiMobility team to make plenty of customization that could suit their business vision and improve their quality service.


We worked on their requirements and provided them with a tailor-made software system with customized features that could let them stay ahead of their competitors:

  • Guest booking
  • Fare optimization
  • Referral program and incentive plans
  • Different booking and ride options
  • Wallet system
  • Notification on drivers’ deceptive behavior
  • Report system
  • Multi-lingual support (including Burmese)
  • Dynamic pop-up features
  • Unique plans for corporate
  • Fare review option
  • Heat map integration


As a lifeline for them, TaxiMobility has provided this Myanmar-based travel company with a solution to enhance operations and helped them streamline all of their business operations besides booking and dispatching.

“With innovative services and featured applications, we could do more and become the leader in our respective market. TaxiMobility accelerated our growth and helped us outlaw our competitors.”

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