Progressing forward with innovation

An extensive insight into a prominent taxi provider in the US and how we transformed its services.

Executive Summary

Looking to match up with the market standards, the company elevates its service and brand reputation with a feature enriched suite of mobile applications from TaxiMobility.

Client Objectives

Earlier, the US-based taxi service adopted a taxi application to provide its customers with an easy taxi booking experience. Gradually, their existing mobile application fell short on multiple scenarios. To address these shortcomings, the company approached TaxiMobility.

Their key objectives were to accommodate the one-of-a-kind taxi stand model in the driver application (a virtual fence where the drivers who arrive first are given preference during trip requests) and integrate the caller ID feature that quickens the booking process.


First, TaxiMobility initiated the process of developing the taxi stand module from scratch. The next focus was on integrating geofencing technology to help the company in providing city-based fares. Thirdly, the driver app underwent a series of third-party integrations.

  • Credit card processing
  • Automated driver earning reports
  • Centrodyne taxi meter

As for dispatching, the software was developed to enable automatic dispatch and accommodate booking for corporate.


TaxiMobility helped the taxi service provider set a clear distinction between its adversaries by providing its customers and drivers with a set of tools that improved efficiency and overall experience. By deploying both the app and web taxi booking feature, the taxi business was able to tap into a larger audience. Also, with automated reports, the company now had a clear image of the expenditure and earnings.

By automating and streamlining its operations, the taxi company now plans to shift its focus on confidently venturing into new territories and experimenting with new ideas to become an eminent force in the taxi market.

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